InnerSource in Action

The InnerSource Commons community has over 1000 subscribers from 350 organizations. Listed below is a sample of the organizations who have publicly declared they are using InnerSource.

“ Our InnerSource journey started small and then started to grow to an enterprise scale. ”

Roderick Randolph, Capital One

“ InnerSource helped us create a community inside the company... InnerSource is truly a cultural transformation. ”

Nithya Ruff, Head of Comcast’s Open Source Program Office

“ We need to build a community around the InnerSource projects of people who share the same ideals. ”

Willem Jiang and Long Li, Huawei

“ We have seen greater engineering satisfaction among teams that practice InnerSource... we have [also] seen better product quality and responses because of InnerSource. ”

Arno Mihm, Program Manager InnerSource at Microsoft

“ The Process of InnerSource is actually the mindset of Collaboration. ”

Sathish Vaidyanathan, Adopting InnerSource Book

“ We work together as a team to provide InnerSource methodology to encourage new people to initiate new projects... 70% of SAP employees would like to contribute if suitable projects are available. ”

Micheal Graf and Guilherme Dellagustin, SAP

“ [Tencent] adopted InnerSource to promote engineer culture inside the company... 80% of projects get InnerSourced. ”

Jerry Tan, Tencent

“ A project isn’t just about the code, there’s a team behind it, including writers, designers and project managers. [InnerSource] gives you the opportunity to collaborate across multiple time zones and business units. ”

Minchene Tang, Vmware

“ We have thousands of developers working on these projects today and at any given time we’re doing dozens of different projects... 75% of our clients with large global enterprises are trying InnerSource in some way, shape or form. ”

Andrew Aitken, Wipro