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Join us on Thursday, June 20th, at 5pm BST / 6pm CEST / 11am CDT / 9am PDT when two of our members, Georg Grütter, from Bosch, and Tom Sadler from the BBC, will host an InnerSource Commons Ask Me Anything session.

InnerSource Commons Welcomes our new Board and Officers

InnerSource Commons Welcomes our new Board and Officers

May, 2022

The InnerSource Commons Foundation is delighted to announce the election of a new Board of Directors comprising of Danese Cooper (Chairperson), Isabel Drost-Fromm (President), Daniel Izquierdo Cortazar (Vice President), Tom Sadler (Secretary), Jacob Green, Georg Grütter, Johannes Tigges, Sebastian Spier, and Klaas-Jan Stol. We would also like to congratulate our newly elected Officers: Silona Bonewald (Treasurer), Maximilian Capraro (Assistant Treasurer) and Russell Rutledge (Assistant Secretary).

The Board of Directors has been elected by the InnerSource Commons Members as the best people to set and drive the vision of the foundation through the next year. Our Officers play an essential role in helping us implement that vision. More details on all our Board and Officers can be found at

“InnerSource continues to gain momentum worldwide and the InnerSource Commons community continues to support practitioners with knowledge, events and resources. We are very grateful for the continued service of our Board and Officers who help us in our mission. We would also like to thank the previous members of the board for serving us so well over the past few years.” said Danese Cooper, Founder and Chairperson of The InnerSource Commons Foundation.

About InnerSource Commons

InnerSource Commons は、インナーソースの実践者の世界最大のコミュニティです。組織という枠の中でソフトウェア開発にオープンソースのベストプラクティスを活用するインナーソースに関するナレッジの創出と共有に特化しています。
2015年に設立された InnerSource Commons は、現在、500以上の企業、学術機関、政府機関から1500人以上の個人をサポートし、つないでいます。インナーソースコモンズ財団は2020年2月19日に法人化され、501(c)(3)の公益法人となりました。

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May 5, 2022