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Board & Governance

InnerSource Commons is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization governed by a set of corporate bylaws. The Board of Directors sets the policy and appoints officers that set and execute policy. The Board is elected by the Membership on a yearly basis. InnerSource Commons initially is incorporated in the US. As the community grows, we anticipate to found sister organizations in the European Union, Latin America, and other parts of the world.

Our current Board is made up of:

Danese Cooper


Danese Cooper is the founder and chair of InnerSource Commons. She is a long term open source advocate, having previously served as the of head of open source software at PayPal, CTO of the Wikimedia Foundation, chief open source evangelist for Sun, and senior director of open source strategies for Intel. Danese was also the inaugural chairperson of the Node.js Foundation. She concentrates on creating healthy open source communities and has served on the boards of Drupal Association, the Open Source Initiative, the Open Source Hardware Association, and she’s advised Mozilla and the Apache Software Foundation. Danese also runs a successful open source consultancy that counts the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the SETI Institute, Harris, and Numenta as clients. She’s been known to knit through meetings.

Isabel Drost-Fromm


Isabel Drost-Fromm is Open Source Strategist at Europace AG Germany. She`s a member of the Apache Software Foundation, co-founder of Apache Mahout and mentored several incubating projects. Isabel is interested in all things FOSS, search and text mining with a decent machine learning background. True to the nature of people living in Berlin she loves having friends fly in for a brief visit - as a result she co-founded and is still one of the creative heads behind Berlin Buzzwords, a tech conference on all things search, scale and storage.

Georg Grutter

Vice President

Georg Grütter is a social coding evangelist and developer advocate at Bosch.IO. He co-founded and led the first InnerSource community at Bosch. Georg is a passionate software developer with over 30 years of experience. Previously, he held various positions and roles at Bosch, Line Information, the Zurich System House, and DaimlerChrysler. Georg has created two open source projects, who also loves photography and chocolate.

Cedric Williams


All of Cedric’s work, personal and professional, has been guided by my desire to improve people's lives - mostly through technology. The possibilities that can be unlocked with software and hardware systems are literally limitless. Each of his engagements has been given me the opportunity to work on that in new ways, some more technology-focused, and some more focused directly on customers. All of them have given him a deep appreciation for the responsibility of technologists to always make sure that what we build makes things better for anyone involved.

Russell Rutledge


Russ Rutledge is the Director of Community and InnerSource at Nike. This startup within the company guides the process and tools to encourage and foster cross-team and community interaction and development. Russ`s drive and passion is to enable all software engineers to achieve incredible technical and business throughput via quality tooling and streamlined work process. Previously, he ran another successful startup delivering JavaScript continuous delivery solutions to hundreds of projects throughout Nike. Prior to Nike, Russ began his career with feature and infrastructure development on the Outlook and OneDrive consumer websites at Microsoft.

Johannes Tigges

Assistant Secretary

Johannes is a co-creator of the InnerSource Commons Learning Path and has worked on introducing InnerSource to HERE Technologies, a leading digital map and location company. Currently he offers coaching and consulting on Engineering Productivity, Open Source and InnerSource Strategy and OSPO topics as well as cloud solution architecture. He also works as a lecturer and delivers technical training on the topics mentioned above. He presents his work and thoughts at industry conferences like the FOSDEM or the InnerSource Commons Summit and has been active in Open Source communities for a long time. With a background in both computer science and sociology of organizations he has a unique perspective on software engineering organizations. In past roles, he has also worked on introducing Continuous Integration and Delivery to large research institutions, in DevOps roles for very large cloud based platforms and developed software within the Telco domain.

Maximilian Capraro

Maximilian Capraro is a researcher and doctoral candidate at the Open Source Research Group at Friedrich-Alexander-University Erlangen-Nürnberg. He worked on inner source in research projects with a variety of companies including Black Duck Software, Continental, and multiple Siemens business units. He developed the patch-flow measurement method (for measuring software development collaboration) and the first classification framework for inner source projects and programs. His research interests the quantification of software development collaboration, inner source governance including legal and taxation aspects, and many other things around inner source, open source, and software engineering.

Daniel Izquierdo Cortazar

Daniel Izquierdo Cortazar is a researcher and one of the founders of Bitergia, a company that provides software analytics for open source ecosystems. Currently the chief data officer at Bitergia, he is focused on the quality of the data, research of new metrics, analysis, and studies of interest for Bitergia customers via data mining and processing. Daniel holds a PhD in free software engineering from the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos in Madrid, where he focused on the analysis of buggy developers activity patterns in the Mozilla Community. Daniel serves on the board and is a Member of the InnerSource Commons.

Jacob Green

Jacob Green, the founder of Mosslabs.io, is an open source artist, strategist & systems builder working to expand the impact and application of Open Source in society globally. Hailing from Baltimore, passionate about open source in cities & universities, and working to connect institutions via open source. Prior to Mosslabs.io, Jacob was Director of Strategic Initiatives at LTNGlobal, building a unique global video transport network from the ground up and from first principles.