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The InnerSource Commons is a growing community of practitioners with the goal of creating and sharing knowledge about InnerSource: the use of open source best practices for software development within the confines of an organization. Founded in 2015, the InnerSource Commons is now supporting and connecting over 1300 individuals from over 500 companies, academic institutions, and government agencies.

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If you are new to InnerSource or want to find out more about who is implementing InnerSource and why and how to get started, visit the site's Learning section. You will find a wealth of resources to help accelerate your journey to InnerSource including training materials, best practices, books, past event recordings and case studies.

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We support practitioners and those who want to learn about InnerSource through a broad array of activities. To get started, join the growing ISC community via Slack and introduce yourself. You will find some great companions to join you on your InnerSource journey.

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Most of the action in the community happens on our Slack Channel. You can also keep informed about the InnerSource Commons news, events and activities by signing up to our mailing list below, follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn, and subscribing to our YouTube Channel.

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