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InnerSource Services Directory

Welcome to the InnerSource Services Directory. We have compiled a list of companies that provide InnerSource services that fit in 3 categories: Tools, Consulting Services and Training Services. If you would like to be added to the services list please send us an email at

We do our best to ensure that the information on this page is accurate and helpful at all times. However, any link or content listed below does not represent any endorsement or recommendation by InnerSource Commons and does not mean that we have any association with the linked organizations.


Service Type

Service Description

Bayave Training and Consulting Services Bayave provides training and consulting services on open source, InnerSource, and product strategy. You can learn more on our website or contact us by email at directly.
BitergiaPartner Tools & Consulting Services Bitergia offers InnerSource-as-a-Service to help at any stage of your InnerSource journey. Advancing from where you are today, Bitergia offers a mix of different tools such as a maturity model, an AS-IS assessment, a capabilities model, and InnerSource metrics dashboards. Bitergia builds your turnkey InnerSource Program Office (ISPO), bringing the people, skills, and tools. Bitergia’s unique strength is in analytics, which is evident in the evidence-based consultancy work. We make it easier for you to bring the best open practices to suit your organization, strengthen communication and knowledge sharing across distributed teams and have full transparency, insights, and understanding using best-in-class metrics. Click here to learn more or contact Bitergia directly.
Fau Transfer pricing solution FAU (University of Erlangen) provides customized transfer pricing solutions (software) to calculate transfer prices for high-frequency software development collaboration across tax boundaries. Listen to our 'Ten Years of InnerSource Case Studies' talk. Click here to learn more or contact FAU directly.
GitHubPartner Tools & Training Services GitHub offers a services engagement called an "InnerSource Workshop" for organizations looking to start or improve their InnerSource practice. In this engagement, a GitHub professional will set baseline knowledge, facilitate discussion to establish alignment, and lead a practical workshop, resulting in the creation of a custom-tailored roadmap to implement innersource governance, administration, and culture. Click here to learn more or contact GitHub directly.
GitLabSupporter Tools & Training Services InnerSource is core to the GitLab values of "Everyone can Contribute". As such, we are very experienced in the best ways to source ideas and contributions across enterprises. We offer both free and paid trainings for organizations looking to securely InnerSource and bring out innovation from all corners of the company. Our free workshop is led by a Technical Account Manager for accounts that qualify. You can also do a professional services led training. Learn more about their professional services led training and their TAM led workshops or contact GitLab directly.
Komyu Consulting & Training Services Komyu is a consulting and training company based in France that specializes in setting up Massive Cooperation worldwide. We believe that the world's challenges require the ability to work together in large groups, utilizing InnerSource, Open Source, well-engineered communities, and effective leadership. Our approach involves working on multiple levels, including corporate strategy, program tactics, operations, and individual leadership, to deploy InnerSource in both its operational dimensions (e.g. legal, tools, governance) and its human factors (e.g. sponsors, contributors, users). With global intervention capabilities, we aim to facilitate the adoption of InnerSource and foster collaboration on a massive scale. Click here to learn more or contact Komyu directly.
Promyze Tools Promyze supports InnerSource adoption by providing a knowledge-sharing platform for software developers, to create and share best coding practices. The tool is fully integrated in the developer ecosystem. Each team can define their best practices and choose to make them publicly available to other teams within the company. Teams can retrieve knowledge relevant to their context or can suggest improvements and ask questions. This boosts knowledge sharing and increases source code uniformity within a company. Click here to learn more or contact Promyze directly.
SourcegraphSupporter Tools & Training Services Sourcegraph makes it easy to help drive adoption of InnerSource. Our customers can find existing code libraries for reuse and avoid spending time on problems you know a teammate already solved. This means a more secure and coherent codebase and more time for you to spend on more interesting work. Click here to learn more or contact Sourcegraph directly.
Wipro Consulting Services Wipro’s InnerSource Strategy and Implementation Services include a complete assessment of your organization, its culture, and its InnerSource mission, goals, and objectives. It helps you uncover the relevant KPIs and develop the funding models, collaboration processes, and technological collaboration stack. Putting all these together, the services will develop high-level plans for a proof of concept or pilot program so you can show results quickly while iterating on your findings from the program. Click here to learn more or contact Wipro directly.
Zymple Consulting & Training Services Zymple is an experienced tech consultancy based in South East Asia with expertise in open source processes, remote first workflows, and InnerSource. Our clients range from small teams of less than 10 employees to unicorns. Click here to learn more or contact Zymple directly.