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InnerSource Commons Joins FINOS

InnerSource Commons Joins FINOS

InnerSource Commons to Further Collaboration Within Fintech Organizations

We are delighted that to announce that InnerSource Commons is now an associate member of FINOS, the Fintech Open Source Foundation.

“Our business model has always been based on the notion that it’s essential to build a diverse community of members, technologists, consultants and developers for us to succeed,” said Gabriele Columbro, executive director of FINOS.

InnerSource Commons will work with FINOS to promote and document best practices for implementing InnerSource within financial organizations. We initiated the InnerSource Special Interest Group (SIG) with FINOS, which gathers industry professionals within the community who wish to accelerate their InnerSource implementations. The InnerSource SIG is led by InnerSource Commons and executives from several large financial institutions, including Deutsche Bank, Capital One, Morgan Stanley and RBC.

“With FINOS, we look to support financial services organizations in their InnerSource journey. It can reduce bottlenecks, enable internal collaboration and innovation, accelerate new engineer on-boarding, and identify opportunities to create efficiencies within organizations,” said Danese Cooper, Founder and President of InnerSource Commons. “We look forward to accomplishing great things and are excited to contribute to the open source movement that FINOS is building in financial services with leading technology-centered organizations of every stripe.”

About InnerSource Commons

InnerSource Commons is a growing community of InnerSource practitioners with the goal of creating and sharing knowledge about InnerSource. The community provides free-to-use learning paths and curates known best practices in the form of patterns. They also organise the leading conferences dedicated to InnerSource, the InnerSource Commons Summits. Visit to find out more.

March 25, 2021