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InnerSource Commons announces the appointment of a new Board of Directors

InnerSource Commons announces the appointment of a new Board of Directors

The InnerSource Commons Foundation is delighted to announce the election of a new Board of Directors comprising of Danese Cooper (Chairperson), Isabel Drost-Fromm (President), Georg Grutter (Vice President), Cedric Williams (Treasurer), Russell Rutledge (Secretary), Johannes Tigges (Assistant Secretary), Maximilian Capraro, Daniel Izquierdo Cortazar and Jacob Green.

The new Board of Directors has been elected by the InnerSource Commons Members as the best people to set and drive the vision of the foundation through the next rapid growth phase.

We would like to congratulate the new board and thank the previous members of the board for serving us well over the past few years.

“The next 5 years are extremely important for InnerSource Commons as we see the adoption of InnerSource rapidly gaining momentum. I am confident Isabel, together with the new board will guide the Foundation through accelerated growth and success in the coming years.” said Danese Cooper, the Chairperson of The InnerSource Commons Foundation.

About InnerSource Commons

InnerSource Commons is a growing community of InnerSource practitioners with the goal of creating and sharing knowledge about InnerSource. The community provides free-to-use learning paths and curates known best practices in the form of patterns. They also organise the leading conferences dedicated to InnerSource, the InnerSource Commons Summits. Visit to find out more.

March 18, 2021