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InnerSource Commons announces first Partners and Supporters helping to scale the efforts in creating and sharing InnerSource knowledge

InnerSource Commons announces first Partners and Supporters helping to scale the efforts in creating and sharing InnerSource knowledge

The Internet, September 22, 2021

InnerSource Commons, the world’s largest community of InnerSource practitioners, today announced seven new Partners and Supporters at the launch of their new Sponsorship Program. Their first official partners are Bitergia, GitHub and Microsoft. New Supporters include Comcast, Europace, Indeed and Grupo Santander.

“InnerSource has seen massive growth in the last few years, both as a step to open source readiness and a way to increase developer productivity and innovation. It is simply the best way to develop software. We are so grateful to our first InnerSource Commons Partners and Supporters. With their help, we can scale the great work this community has been doing since 2015 for even bigger impact.” said Danese Cooper, Founder and Chair of InnerSource Commons.

“There are two ways to sponsor InnerSource Commons.” explained Isabel Drost-Fromm, President of InnerSource Commons, “Our Partner Program is for organizations helping to lead the InnerSource movement in the world and our Supporter Program is suitable for those organizations who have not just adopted InnerSource internally, but care about enabling the worldwide community of practitioners.”

More information about the InnerSource Commons Partner and Support programs can be found at

From Our New Partners and Supporters

“Bitergia is excited to partner with the InnerSource Commons for its next phase of growth. We have been involved with the InnerSource Commons since it was founded in 2015, as Bitergia values the community’s contribution to spreading knowledge about the use of open source best practices, which is positioned to become the default way to develop software." said Daniel Izquierdo Cortázar, CEO of Bitergia.

“At GitHub we help companies across the world continuously improve how their engineering teams work together on code. Getting started in nurturing an InnerSource culture of sharing can be challenging, which is why we have been strong supporters of InnerSource Commons from day one.’ said Martin Woodward, Senior Director of Developer Relations at GitHub.

‘The InnerSource Commons is a unique group of people who come together from all across the industry to share their experiences on adopting techniques from open source and applying them inside their enterprise. You get to collaborate with people who are responsible for building internal communities of best practice and sharing amongst some of the top performing software development groups in the business.” he said.

“Microsoft is committed to helping individuals and organizations achieve more and an important part of this is making sure that we can all contribute to the work of others and build on the work of others. While many of us are already doing this externally through open source, we also think it’s important to make sure organizations have tools and processes to do this within their organizations as well with InnerSource best practices.” said Arno Mihm, Principal Program Manager, Open Source Programs Office, Microsoft.

“InnerSource has accelerated open source collaborative practices within Comcast, and is a key strategy within our Open Source Program Office. We are long-time participants in the InnerSource Commons community and are delighted to support them in the work they do.” said Nithya Ruff, Head of Open Source, Comcast Cable.

“We have adopted InnerSource in Grupo Santander as a new way to scale collaboration across the organization, with the goal of being more effective in code reuse in our software production chain. Becoming a Supporter of InnerSource Commons allows us to work even more closely with global leaders in this space.” said Jesus Alonso Gutiérrez, Head of European InnerSource Office, Grupo Santander.

About InnerSource Commons

The InnerSource Commons is a thriving community that empowers organisations and people worldwide to apply and gain the benefits of open collaboration in their internal work.
Founded in 2015, the InnerSource Commons is now supporting and connecting over 3000 individuals from over 750 companies, academic institutions, and government agencies. The InnerSource Commons Foundation was incorporated on February 19th, 2020 and is now a 501(c)(3) public charity.

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September 22, 2021