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Clare Dillon Joins InnerSource Commons as First Executive Director

Clare Dillon Joins InnerSource Commons as First Executive Director

The Internet, October 19th, 2021

The InnerSource Commons Foundation (ISC), the world’s foremost community for InnerSource practitioners, today announced Clare Dillon as Executive Director. InnerSource is the use of open source best practices for software development within the confines of an organization. The mission of the ISC is to establish a body of knowledge and to educate individuals and organizations about the successful adoption of InnerSource best practices. Founded in 2015, the ISC supports and connects hundreds of companies, academic institutions, and government agencies.

Clare is stepping into the role of Executive Director after a long career in the technology industry, having spent over 20 years working with developers and developer communities. Clare has been involved with InnerSource Commons since early 2019, when she helped set up NearForm’s InnerSource practice. Before that, Clare was a member of Microsoft Ireland Leadership Team, heading up their Developer Evangelism and Experience Group. Clare has also served as a director on numerous boards.

“We are excited to have Clare Dillon join our team to help bring InnerSource Commons to the next stage of its journey.” said Isabel Drost-Fromm, President of the InnerSource Commons. “InnerSource helps organizations experience the benefits of using open source methods: reducing bottle-necks, increasing efficiencies and creating happier developers. Open source sustainability is a major challenge in today’s world. InnerSource also increases the number of individuals ready to address that challenge. InnerSource Commons has grown significantly in the last 5 years as we support the ever-increasing community of InnerSource practitioners. We see huge potential to have an even bigger impact in the community.”

“InnerSource Commons provides a safe space for individuals to come together to share InnerSource knowledge and experiences, find best practices and research to accelerate the understanding, adoption, and practice of InnerSource. Having participated in this community for some time, I can say that it not only does amazing work, it is also a group that is a pleasure to work with.” said Clare Dillon “I am looking forward to working more closely with the board and community to help grow the Commons and spread the word about how InnerSource can improve collaboration and pave the way to more sustainable development practices.”

About InnerSource Commons

The InnerSource Commons is a thriving community that empowers organisations and people worldwide to apply and gain the benefits of open collaboration in their internal work.
Founded in 2015, the InnerSource Commons is now supporting and connecting over 3000 individuals from over 750 companies, academic institutions, and government agencies. The InnerSource Commons Foundation was incorporated on February 19th, 2020 and is now a 501(c)(3) public charity.

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October 19, 2021