Join us on Tuesday, 27th February, at 9am GMT / 10am CET / 2:30pm IST / 8pm AEDT, when Jochen Rode, from SAP SE, will discuss SAP and Cross-Product Architecture.


Date and Time of Meeting

2023-08-31, 9am CEST

  • Call to order: 9:05 CEST
  • Adjourned: 9:42 CEST
  • Next Meeting: 2023-09-28, 2pm CEST

Roll call

Directors and Officers Present

  • Daniel Izquierdo-Cortazar (President)
  • Isabel Drost-Fromm (Chairperson)
  • Matt Cobby
  • Yuki Hattori
  • Dmitrii Sugrobov
  • Georg Grütter
  • Sebastian Spier (Assistant Secretary)
  • Tom Sadler (Secretary) (by proxy of Daniel Izquierdo Cortazar)

Directors and Officers Absent

  • Silona Bonewald (Treasurer)
  • Russel Rutledge (Executive Director)
  • Maximilian Capraro (Assistant Treasurer)

Votes Taken

Vote on adding Katie Schueths as new Board Member.

  • Vote passed - 6 in favour, 2 abstention, 0 absent