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InnerSource Patterns

InnerSource best practices codified in a specific format easy to understand and reuse.

The InnerSource Commons provides a forum for the community to share their experience and learn from each other in the form of InnerSource Patterns.

An InnerSource Pattern - That’s what we call InnerSource best practices codified in a specific format to make it easy to understand, evaluate, and apply them in your context.

The InnerSource Patterns Working Group is providing the following services to our community

InnerSource Patterns Community Calls

Facilitating the identification of patterns in various contexts such as our Community Calls and through discussions on Slack.

Mature InnerSource Patterns

Helping the Community to mature patterns by reviewing them and providing examples of instances where the pattern has been used.

GitHub Conversation

Providing a space for companies to collaborate on patterns in GitHub.

InnerSource Patterns Book

Publishing the most mature patterns in the InnerSource Patterns book.

InnerSource Patterns Mind Map

Providing discoverability tools such as the InnerSource Patterns Mind Map.

How to Get Involved

If you are using InnerSource in your company already and want to contribute to the efforts outlined above by sharing your experiences or introducing new patterns, we would love to welcome your contributions to the book and to our Slack conversations in the #innersource-patterns channel.