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In the previous chapters we have learned about the responsibilities of Trusted Committers. Some of these responsibilities include ensuring product quality, keeping their community healthy, reducing the barriers to making contributions, upleveling the community and advocating for its needs within the organization. We also talked about how to become a Trusted Committer and what it takes to fulfill that role. Working as a Trusted Committer is demanding but will ultimately amplify your value contribution in your company.

We hope we’ve inspired you to set off on a path towards becoming a Trusted Committer. We also hope we’ve helped your organization understand the importance of having capable Trusted Committers for the success of any InnerSource initiative and the level of empowerment that this role requires.

We’d like to invite you to learn more about InnerSource by exploring the other articles and videos in the InnerSource Learning Path. And of course, we’d be thrilled to welcome you in the InnerSource Commons community.

May the source be with you.