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State of InnerSource Survey 2023

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The ‘State of InnerSource’ survey was conducted from November 2022 to January 2023. Over 100 respondents answered the survey and provided a snapshot of their InnerSource journey at that point in time.

The research based on this survey data represents a diverse set of experiences from across the world. It provides an overview of how the InnerSource Commons community is approaching InnerSource, and also how InnerSource fits within their own organizations’ strategic direction.

The ‘State of InnerSource 2023’ offers a global perspective of our community’s InnerSource trajectory from first steps to team readiness and adoption. It also shares data on the InnerSource practices in most common use, the benefits experienced and success measures and metrics.

A huge thank you goes to each member of the InnerSource Commons community who gave their valuable time to answer our survey.

We are truly grateful to Clare Dillon, the primary author of this report. We also extend our thanks and appreciation to everyone who actively promoted the survey and contributed to the survey design, analysis, writing support and review of the report – Addie Girouard, Ciara Flanagan, Cristina Coffey, Dmitrii Sugrobov, Guilherme Dellagustin, Katie Schueths, Klaas-Jan Stol, Lawrence Hecht, Niall Maher, Tom Sadler, Sebastian Spier and Zack Koppert.

If you want to discuss the findings, join us in the InnerSource Commons Slack It’s the perfect place to share and learn from others who are leading InnerSource practices worldwide.